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Digital Bumper Cars combining Real-rides with Virtual-space to live the most immersive game experience ever. 

Nori MR Rider.

Nori Pang.

Using a screen that reacts to physical movement when the balls are thrown, kids will move into an interactive & immersive world surrounding by visual & sound effects !

Nori Slide.

Nori Slide maximizes enjoyment through its interactive surface. Kids can both slide landing into a ball pit and/or interact with the surface by throwing the balls.

Coloring Nori.

Opening up the children's imagination & their motor abilities, Coloring Nori allows kids seeing how their drawings come alive on the screen thanks to the magic scan. Grab your pen, Color a picture, Scan it & Make it alive!

Nori Run.

Choose your favorite character, Stand on the platform & get ready to run! Thanks to its motion sensor, be the fastest to win the race.

Nori Run fosters physical activity in a playful way.