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Digital Bumper Cars combining Real-rides with Virtual-space to live the most immersive game experience ever. 

Nori MR Rider.

Nori Pang.

Using a screen that reacts to physical movement when the balls are thrown, kids will move into an interactive & immersive world surrounding by visual & sound effects !

Nori Slide.

Nori Slide maximizes enjoyment through its interactive surface. Kids can both slide landing into a ball pit and/or interact with the surface by throwing the balls.

Coloring Nori.

Opening up the children's imagination & their motor abilities, Coloring Nori allows kids seeing how their drawings come alive on the screen thanks to the magic scan. Grab your pen, Color a picture, Scan it & Make it alive!

Nori Run.

Choose your favorite character, Stand on the platform & get ready to run! Thanks to its motion sensor, be the fastest to win the race.

Nori Run fosters physical activity in a playful way.

Nori Tape.

With Nori Tape, the floor magically come to life in order to give a unique opportunity to kids to jump into their favorite characters. Another way to foster physical activity.

Nori Sand.

All kids like playing with the sand to build something with their hands. Hence all kids will love Nori Sand, the ultimate experience of the sand 2.0.

Vegas VR.

Vegas VR offers a totally immersive experience combining VR & seats placing kids right in the middle of the action. The content can be customized to match the customer needs. Thrills are guaranteed !

Which ride do want into your own franchise or your own kids cafe business?