Nori MR Rider.

Imagine the fun of playing at Mario Kart into a world both real and virtual?

Nori Pang.

Interactive ball pool projection games invite kids to throw balls at the target projected on the screen that displays compelling nori’s content. Children will develop their sense of coordination and speed of reaction in a fun way.

Nori Slide.

Interactive slide projection game that generates different pictures and sound effects in accordance with the movement of the kids captured by the sensors when they slide down. Children can interact with the different Nori’s content projected on the slide.

Coloring Nori.

Interactive sketch wall projection that is both a colorful and captivating game where paintings come to life and the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur. It will not only make little artists smile, but will also develop their imagination.

Grab your pen, Color a motif, Scan it & Bring it to live!