Within the Interactive Area, children & toddlers can use their bodies as motion controllers to enjoy various games such as Nori Pang, Nori Slide, Coloring Nori, and Nori Sand. These Innovative Digital Attractions combine Nori's content and interactive & immersive technologies to encourage physical activity in a fun way.

Nori MR Rider.

Imagine the fun of playing at Mario Kart into a world both real and virtual?

Nori Pang.

An interactive ball-pool projection game, Nori Pang invites kids to throw actual balls at a virtual target projected on screens that display compelling Nori content. Children can develop their sense of coordination and improve their reaction time while having fun.

Nori Slide.

Nori Slide is an interactive slide projection game that generates different pictures and sound effects based on the movement of kids that is captured by sensors as they slide down the ride. Children can also interact with a variety of Nori content projected on the slide for an added sense of immersion.

Coloring Nori.

This game features an interactive sketch wall projection that is both colorful and captivating; a place where paintings come to life and the boundaries between reality and the virtual world blur. It will not only make your little artists smile, but will also help to develop their imagination. So grab your pen, color a motif, scan it, and Bring it to Life!

Nori Run.

An interactive multi-player run-challenge game that engages friends and family to compete against each other in a speedy race. Choose your favorite character, stand on the run pad, and be the fastest to win! Ready, Set, Go!

Nori Tap.

Featuring an interactive floor projection system, Nori Tap turns the floor into an engaging and compelling motion-reactive environment, delivering a fantastic immersive experience. Kids are invited to jump into their favorite Nori-animated characters while fostering physical activity in a fun way.