It is going to enjoy 360 degree VR without HMD device in a realistic.​

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Realistic Experience
360 degrees Center -

NORI CUBE offers a new vision beyond space and platforms.

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NORI CUBE is a next-generation new concept real-world experience center, including touch games, VR videos, exhibition experience education, and sports.

Convergence of real and

digital technology value.

VR video


Digital content

360 Degree Digital Escape Room Game

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Floor Projection

2.5m (H) X 4m (W) X 4m (L)

Digital Content in NORI CUBE

Convergence of educational and

digital technology value

A digital gallery room with famous paintings in front of one's eyes with panoramas

Escape Room Game Set in Nori Park

VR can be viewed
without the VR glasses.

How it works-02.png
How it works-02.png

VR Movie Play (4 sides) and 5.1 Channel Multimedia Audience Room

Electronic Blackboard Features (Windows OS)

Using YouTube, web surfing, documentation, etc. as a Windows implementation

Continuous content additional updates to be made

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