NFT MANIA TERA LONZ Project, Partnership with Meta Kongz and XrisP.

Updated: Mar 7

It was reported that NFT MANIA signed a partnership with Meta Kongz and XrisP to work on the Tera Lonz project together.

Tera Lonz is a PFP NFT project conducted by NFT MANIA, the first NFT exchange in Korea, and tells the story of Tera Lonz wandering in space being sucked into a wormhole, appearing in New York Times Square, and living on Earth as a celebrity.

NFT MANIA led the entire Pixel Ground NFT and Seven 7,777 NFT, which were conducted in collaboration with Meta Kongz, to be sold out, while Renaissance NFT ranked first in trading volume (on a week) in the Open Sea Clayton Market ART field, and also succeeded in art NFT projects.

With the joining of Meta Kongz and XrisP in the Tera Lonz project, parts such as marketing, 3D art production, animation production, and brand collaboration events will be actively collaborated, which will further raise expectations for Tera Lonz completeness.

Meta Kongz is an unrivaled domestic PFP project developed by CEO Lee Doo-hee of "Like a Cool Lion," and XrisP is a market-leading multi-platform digital entertainment company that produces and develops new generation animation content and digital kids cafes.

The 3D animation "Roller Coaster Boy Nori," produced by XrisP, is aired in more than 20 countries around the world, starting with Korean broadcaster KBS, and has drawn attention as it ranked eighth in China's overall TV animation rankings after starting airing on CCTV and Amazon Prime.

An official from NFT MANIA said, "Through this partnership, we will contribute to the success and development of the Tera Lonz project in various ways," adding, "We will take the lead in establishing the NFT ecosystem through organic links with our own cooperative brands in the future."

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