“Nori Park V.S. Vega Land” temporary open, signed an MOU on GLOBEPOINT, agreemeent with myedu!

2022, Happy New Year~

In the new year of Im In-nyeon, Xrisp will ride on the tiger’s back and do our best.

1. "Nori Park V.S. Vega Land" temporary opening and Rant Asset investor’s visit

▲ Rant Asset investor’s visit

Finally, Xrisp’s ambitious new concept digital kid’s cafe “Nori Park V.S. Vega Land” will debut at the ‘Ace Camp’ located in Hang-dong, Guro-gu , Seoul~!!

It is designed under the motif of Nori the main character of the feature animation ‘Roller Coaster Boy Nori,’ and the villain Vegas.

This place is using a total floor area of 661.16m2, compose of various amusement facilities, food area with 100 menus served by robots and home delivery service, moreover game facilities with large-screens for children as well as adults.!

It is also a multi-purpose cultural space for the local community and plans to run various programs such as sports, art, and crafts as well as renting party rooms. The newly created Hang-dong district is receiving positive responses from residents who have had frustration about insufficient cultural facilities before.

▲The restaurant that robots serve.

▲Vega Land

Our newly coming kid’s café set January 17th as tentative opening date and we are preparing for the Grand Open in February. On January 19th, the investors of Rant Asset from Busan came to congratulate us. We sincerely thank you. We will try our best to be called ‘The Landmark of Guro-gu’:)

2. MOU with Globe Point

Globe Point(Metaverse authoring tools and content production company) and Xrisp signed an MOU. As the MOU is signed, Xrisp has been able to revitalize sales of Nori Cube and secure various contents, and Globe Point has been able to expand its choices in smart classroom businesses beyond the VR implementation environment limited to HMD. Please look forward to achievements of the two companies in the Metaverse virtual reality space~

3. MY EDU ‘4th New Technology Mind Course’ lecture / Convention to Build Nori Cube and Meta class.

We have signed an agreement with MY EDU to build Meta class for education in Metaverse environment and develop teaching and learning methods using Nori Cube. MYEDU is an e-HRD company recognized by the Ministry of Education. In addition, CEO Sohn Dae-kyun decided to write 14 textbooks and give video lectures in the “4th New Technology Mind Course.’ Please look forward to the great connection between the Metaverse virtual space and the offline services~

Short: “Park Sang-hyun,” “Chae Da-hee” Birthday

We had a small celebration for the employees whose birthday is in January. Happy birthday to the one and only employees in the world, Park Sang-hyun, Chae Da-hee!

If you're more curious about XrisP's Norikub, GLOBEPOINT and myedu, please refer to the link below! GLOBEPOINT :

myedu : Nori Digital Kids Cafe website: Nori Digital Kids Cafe's official blog: Instagram: nori.rollercoasterboy Facebook:

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