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XrisP and AVIDIA Labs signed MOU.

On December 2nd, global biz matching performance sharing meeting was held at The K-Hotel Seoul. The two companies inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) through global biz matching.

This MOU is a collaboration based on the trust of each company regarding QwikXR developed by AVIDIA Labs. We look forward to continued growth of XrisP.

▲XrisP CEO Dae Gyun Shon and ADIVIA Labs CEO Vidya Choudhary.

If you're more curious about XrisP's Norikub and AVIDIA Labs' QwikXR, please refer to the link below!

AVIDIA Labs website

Nori Digital Kids Cafe website:

Nori Digital Kids Cafe's official blog:

Instagram: nori.rollercoasterboy


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