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XrisP Plans to List on Canadian Market, Holds Annual Meeting of Shareholders.

Seoul, South Korea - XrisP Co., Ltd. (CEO Sohn Dae-kyun) held a shareholder meeting on March 29th, during which it announced its plans to list on the Canadian stock market CSE in June of this year. Initially established as an animation and IP-with-ICT converged production company, XrisP is primarily focused on the metaverse platform/theme park/digital kids cafe business, which combines digital technology and content.

XrisP's location-based metaverse platform, called NORI CUBE, has been supplied to public institutions such as the Eunpyeong-gu Youth Center in Seoul, the Future Education Institute in Busan, and the Youth Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. In overseas locations, Nori Cube has also been installed at the Nori Kids Center, a franchise brand of Nori Park located in Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt, Germany.

Furthermore, XrisP is developing a metaverse platform via Nori Farm that links virtual and real-world farms. The company is also collaborating with Gyeonggi Province Health Center to provide a metaverse smoking cessation counseling center as one of its service.

"XrisP's decision to pursue a listing on the Canadian market CSE, which Raft & Company has been tasked with, highlights the company's exceptional R&D accomplishments and track record, solidifying its competitive position in the global market. Furthermore, the company's continuous growth in the metaverse platform business shows its commitment to contributing to the cutting-edge fourth industrial revolution."

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