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XrisP Runs the Exhibition Booth at Hamyang Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo 2021

The third of Nori Cube was installed at Hamyang Wild Ginseng Anti-aging Expo 2021, held on September 10. It was a good opportunity to show XrisP's creativity and technical power of Nori Cube. This exhibition successfully maximizes the promotion effects.

In the booth, people can have a wonderful experience to explore the whole view of Hamyang city through on Nori Cube lively.

▲Entrance of Exhibition Booth

▲Inside of Exhibition Booth

▲Hamyang city Promotion Video

▲Hamyang city Promotional Animation ‘Magical Trip to Wild Ginseng Valley’

XrisP is also making the Hamyang city promotional animation 'Magical Trip to Wild Ginseng Valley', using Unreal Engine. People can watch the pilot episode through Nori Cube in the exhibition booth.

The exhibition booth, that let you explore Hamyang city through on Nori Cube, is set to run until October 10, at Regional Exhibit Hall in Event Location 1 - Sangnim Park.

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