Nori Digital Kids Cafe also features "soft play" areas such as: Nori Slime, Nori Gym, and Fishing Nori games.
These attractions offer great benefits and friendly moments that are the promise of delightful memories
for Kids and their families.

Nori Slime.

Soft-play that pleases the creativity of families and kids by providing a huge selection of merchandise for purchase, allowing people to take home their own fully customized Nori Slime. In addition, playing with slime over time will benefit the youngest (and oldest) by strengthening their dexterity.

Fishing Nori.

Soft-Play game that gathers Kids & Family together.

Furthermore, your little one can fish without getting wet, & is able to learn concentration & observation.

Kitchen Nori.

A "soft play" attraction that offers a good set of toys, centering around a well-equipped kitchen, letting kids play any role they can imagine.  

Bumper Nori.

Soft-play game that invites kids to re-create the best races between Dragon Rider & Vegas! 

May the force be with you.

Nori Gym.

Nori Gym lets kids be an adventurer as brave as Nori the Rollercoaster Boy; speeding along tracks and through numerous challenging barriers along the journey!

Which ride(s) do want installed at your own franchise(s) or in your own kid’s café business?

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